Carol Hallock lives in a home on stilts on Bayou Lacombe in Louisiana. She often paints the surrounding bayou and marsh from her kayak. "Geraldine" the egret is a favorite subject. Born and raised in Baton Rouge and graduate of Louisiana State University, Carol loves the unique beauty of her homeland. Widely acclaimed for her loose, painterly strokes in oils, Carol's work can be found in collections across the country. Her work is in galleries in Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. Select prints are sold world wide. She has produced books of her work as well as "how to" professionally developed videos entitled, "The Art of Loose Painting I and II". Volume I is shown on over 70 access television channels across the country. Her work has won many awards and also graces the cover of magazines as well as being included in numerous press and magazine articles.


I seek to create a painting that draws the viewer in. What draws me to a subject is first defined before the expression on canvas begins. I define my thoughts before putting brush to canvas by analyzing-what does the scene before me say? Describing the essence of the subject is the goal-the essence may be the color, light , or subject matter. The focus will be on one of the latter-everything else is supportive.

Plein-air (on location) painting has been particularly important to my growth. It helps to paint the essence of a scene…. to break down colors, shapes and values that will create a bond from the viewer's heart to the painting. I use my oils in the “wet in wet” technique which allows me to create my signature “long strokes” thereby creating a loose painting style. Rather than blending color, shapes of color are placed next to each other. Detail is added by taking away the paint with a silicone tipped brush.

I particularly like to paint water landscapes. Water talks to me, to others. The water is constantly alive with movement and life.

In the time I have lived on the Bayou, the direct results of the continuing aftermath of salt encroachment on our bayou landscape is easily apparent. My paintings document the bayou beauty even as it continues to change. I hope for the viewer to newly appreciate the beauty and fragility of our environment through my eyes.

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